Preloved Clothing for your Trendy Littles

Based in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada, Piece By Piece Kids offers a curated collection of high-end and everyday preloved kids' wear. Shipping available throughout Canada and the USA, local pickup and delivery available. New arrivals posted multiple times a week! Curate the coolest wardrobe for your little one.

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  • It's great for the environment!

    The production of clothing consumes a lot of energy and creates a lot of waste. By shopping pre-loved you are reducing the demand for new items, reducing your own carbon footprint, and saving the environment one pre-loved purchase at a time!

  • It saves you money!

    When you shop pre-loved, you can get perfect quality (sometimes even brand new) pieces for a fraction of the cost of new ones! Why spend more money on the exact same items, just because they have been worn a couple of times?

  • You can make the coolest finds!

    Why limit yourself to what's in store right now? When you shop pre-loved, you open yourself up to the BEST and COOLEST items from now and in the past! The trendiest, most stylish kiddos shop pre-loved!!

Consign and Sell

Live in Canada and have stylish children's clothing that you're ready to part with? You can make real money when you consign or sell! For a full list of brands we love, head over to our Consign & Sell page!

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