How To Bundle

Want to purchase an item before it sells out but haven't reached the free shipping/delivery minimums, and/or want to wait for shipping to shop future drops? Starting a bundle has never been easier!!

There are THREE ways to start a bundle:

1) The easiest way is to select "START/ADD TO BUNDLE" as your shipping option at checkout. You will not have to pay for any shipping fees, and your order will ship when you meet the free shipping/delivery threshold of $100. If you have already reached $100 but want to continue to bundle, use options 2 or 3 described below.

2) Add the "Hold" product to your cart prior to checkout. It is at the bottom of every product page, and on the homepage. I will hold off on shipment/delivery and start a bundle for you. When you are placing your final order of the bundle, add the "Release" product to your order. I will know that you are ready for shipment/delivery! 

You CAN place an order of JUST the release product if you decide it's time to ship an existing bundle without purchasing anything else.

3) Email me at or DM me on Instagram @piecebypiecekids and let me know directly that you want me to hold off on your shipment/delivery. You can continue to purchase and I will add to your bundle until you tell me that you're ready. 

If you paid for shipping/delivery on an order and then meet the free shipping/delivery threshold on a subsequent bundle order, I will refund the shipping/delivery fee(s)!

As always, email me at or DM me on Instagram @piecebypiecekids if you have any questions.